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A DUI may not seem serious at first until you become aware of the penalties and repercussions. If you don’t challenge the suspension of your license or do not prevail at the DMV hearing, you lose your license for months or even years if you have prior convictions.
You can expect jail time even for a first offense, which is mandatory for repeat offenders. Fines and costs run into the thousands of dollars and your insurance will skyrocket. If driving is part of your job, you risk losing it especially if you are a commercial or ride-share driver.
Call a Temecula DUI attorney at (888) 754-9860 if you were charged with a DUI. Your conviction and loss of your driver’s license is not a foregone conclusion. A Temecula DUI attorney will give you the best opportunity for a satisfactory resolution to your case.

1st DUI & DWI

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving nder the infulence and although scary, 1st-time DUI are often misdemeanor.

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2nd DUI & DWI

No one wants a 2nd DUI but getting one will bring forth much harsher penalties than your first. Luckily, you are not alone…

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3rd DUI & DWI

A 3rd DUI means jail time, heavy fines and years of liscense suspensio. This isn’t something you want to face alone!

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Hit and Run DUI & DWI

Dui’s coupled with Hit & Run charges are aggravated circumstances which will enhance your sentence. We can help lessen it!

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DUI & DWI Accidents

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving under the infulence and although scary, 1st-time DUIs are often only a misdemeanor.

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Commercial DUI & DWI

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving under the infulence and although scary. 1sttime DUIs are often only a misdemeanor.

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The DUI Process

There are several steps in a DUI case that a Temecula DUI attorney will handle:

DMV hearing. You have only 10 days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your license. Your Temecula DUI attorney can challenge probable cause in stopping, detaining and arresting you and whether your BAC results were 0.08%.Arraignment. Your Temecula DUI attorney will plead you not guilty and obtain police reports and other records as part of the investigation of your casePretrial. Your Temecula DUI attorney can bring motions to contest probable cause, suppress evidence and others. A conference is also held with the prosecutor where your Temecula DUI attorney will try to negotiate a plea arrangement.Trial. If no satisfactory resolution is reached, your Temecula DUI attorney is fully prepared to try your case.

Many times, a Temecula DUI lawyer has prevailed at the DMV hearing that has resulted in the prosecutor dismissing your criminal charges or reducing it to a non-alcohol related offense. In other cases, unlawful conduct by police or improper administration of the breathalyzer or blood test can lead to a dismissal.

Why Hire a Temecula DUI Lawyer?

You have many reasons to retain a Temecula DUI lawyer who will do the following:

Conduct a thorough investigation of your case Spot errors in the police report or testimony of the arresting officer Contest probable cause to stop and arrest you at the DMV hearing or in a motion Contest the results of your breath or blood test (at the DMV hearing and at your criminal trial) Provide you up-to-date defenses

There are over 50 different defenses that a Temecula DUI lawyer can present if applicable to your defense.

DUI Penalties

DUI sentences vary based on prior DUI convictions or if aggravating circumstances were present. If any are present in your case, then your Temecula DUI lawyer can advise you.

Otherwise, these penalties typically are imposed:

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